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Husband to my FOX of a wife, Dad to the coolest and baddest 2 little girls on the planet.  My favorite cookie is peanut butter, I like my coffee black, and “live my life a ¼ mile at a time” - RIP Paul Walker.  


We made a huge mistake.

I married the love of my life, Stephanie. We didn’t hire a Videographer, and I would do anything to go back and change that. That same year she quit her 9-5 to pursue Photography full time. 1 year later I was 2nd Shooting for her at a wedding, and I fell in love with the moments and the FEELS…I just found my passion by capturing those FEELS through Filmmaking.

As I was beginning my journey into Wedding Filmmaking, our daughter asked, “Daddy, can I watch your and Mommy’s video?” It made me cry because not only can my wife and I not relive our day, but our daughter won’t either. We can’t go back in time to capture the first time I saw her in her wedding dress (yes, I cried then too), or when we read our personal vows to each other (yep, cried then as well), or even when I cut the rug with my daughter to Shut Up and Dance with Me (it was our car ride jam).


That is my why, and my motivation to capture those moments for you and your loved ones.

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